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History of Tripura

Origin the origin of the name of Tripura is still a matter of controversy among historians and researchers. According to the 'Rajmala", Tripura’s celebrated court chronicle, an ancient king named 'tripur' ruled over the territorial domain known as 'Tripura' and the name of the kingdom was derived from his name.

Many researchers explain the name 'Tripura' from its etymological origin: the word 'Tripura' is a compound of two separate words, 'tui' (water) + 'pra' (near) which in totality means 'near water'. The geographical location of the state with it's close proximity to the vast water resources of eastern Bengal coupled with the generic identity of the state's original inhabitants as 'Tipra' or 'Twipra' apparently justify this explanation of the State's name.

Tripura: At a Glance

Tripura is a state in North-East India which borders Bangladesh, Mizoram and Assam. It is surrounded by Bangladesh on its north, south and west: the length of its international border is 856 km (84 per cent of its total border). It shares a 53 km long border with Assam and a 109 km long border with Mizoram. The state is connected with the rest of India by only one road (NH-44) that runs through the hills to the border of Karimganj District in Assam and then winds through the states of Meghalaya, Assam and North Bengal to Calcutta.

Tripura: General Information for Tourists

Area 10,491,69 sqkm
Capital Agartala
Altitute 12.80 meters
Population 31,91,168 (Census-2001)
Temperature Summer: 20 to 36 Degree C
  Winter: 7 to 27 Degree C
  Winter: 2 Degree C Min
Clothing Summer-Cotton, Winter-Woolens
Rainy Season June to August
Average Rainfall 2100 mm per annum
Official Languages Bengali and Kokborok
Other Languages English, Hindi, Manipuri, Chakma
International Border 856 Km.
Literacy Rate 80.42%
Per Capita Income Rs. 29000

Tripura: The land of Sachin Dev Burman

Sachin Karta,Voice of Divinity: Sir Neville Cardus, celebrated cricket writer and analyst of yore, had once commented on the immortal Australian batting genius, Victor Trumper:
Whenever I am called upon to write on Trumper, I confront the danger of using too many superlatives; so grand was the sweep of his genius'. Adapting idioms and ideas of cricket to music is as bizarre as drawing historical parallels involving personalities is often intriguing. Nevertheless, Cardus's perceptive comment on Trumper has a topical relevance to the life and achievements of Kumar Sachin Debbarman , popularly known as ‘Sachin karta’.His lilting melodies based on refreshingly original composition had kept Indian music-buffs spell bound for more than three decades. In fact the roaring commercial success of a long series of Bollywood movies from the fifties to the mid-seventies could be attributed to the musical genius of Sachin Karta.Born into Tripura’s royalty on October 1 1906 at his parental home at Comilla (present Banglaesh),
Karta had spent his early life in pursuing studies and learning the finer art of music for which he had developed an early passion. The fact that his father ‘Karta’ Nabadwip Chandra Debbarman had been practically banished to the royal estate in Comilla because of a succession dipute over the throne stood in the way of Sachin Karta being born and brought up at Agartala.
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