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About us

Tripureswari Tours & Travels provides a very special way of traveling. We give you an opportunity to see and experience some of the more exciting and challenging tourist destinations in Tripura and neighboring country Bangladesh, in a group situation where you feel secure, supported and confident. Our tours are planned especially for people who enjoy unusual, new and exciting places, but are a little unsure of traveling there by themselves. We provide holidays which are friendly, well planned, diverse in style and itineraries, and as flexible as the situation allows.

Our mission has always been to provide a flexible, fully supported tour to destinations where that little bit more care and attention to detail makes all the difference. Our tour teams are there at all times to see that your trip is hassle free and professionally managed to give you the best that these places have to offer. We employ qualified, English-speaking, local guides for the entire country on most tours, and at each site in others.

We welcome first-time travellers as much as experienced veterans, people of all ages, (whether you are 18 or 80), singles and couples, and confident or cautious natures; the only necessary prerequisites are an interest in the world at large and an open-minded attitude to the differences that make up all the strands of humanity. Our programs are designed to give ample opportunity to sample the vastly different cultures, religions, history, landscapes, foods and crafts of some of the oldest civilizations in the world.
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